piątek, 15 lutego 2013

Transmutacja/ Transmutation

Cyklem będzie. Mam w głowie symbole o niczym, wysypiska senne, niepopełnione, nocne konwersacje.
Dzisiaj koci sen.
Series will. There are symbols of the void in my head, dreamy dumps, unfulfilled, nightly conversations.
Today feline dream.

Transmutation, ink on paper, 50x52 cm

2 komentarze:

  1. Hi I like this work of yours. Are you inspired by ESCHER? If you are selling your work... What would you ask from a retired dutch teacher for this trans mutation. Because my late wife was an astrological fishes and I recognise her in the woman.

    1. Hi,nice to read you ). If you ask me about Escher, i knew some of his works earlier (especially this kind of play with perspective like this piece:
      http://www.mcescher.com/Gallery/back-bmp/LW389.jpg ), but "viva la ignorance", i didn`t know this, which enchanted me the most and which i discovered few days ago -).
      Reducing my answer, no,i wasn`t inspired by him, but i suppose, that i will :-).

      And answering on your second question, yes, it is possible to buy my work, and i think, that i will find an advice, to satisfied both of us. Just write me an email: marzenaabl@gmail.com